Idea 17: Post Office and Stores with Decoupage Wall Signs

Happy Tree Village is starting to look like a town!


Crafty Time

By Dave Pierik, Shelton-Mason County Journal

Expanding Downtown Happy Tree

Our growing city needs a restaurant, a clothing store and a post office.

Tools: ruler, compass & markers, scissors, paintbrushes.

Materials: unpainted 6” cardboard building with three awnings (see last week’s Crafty Time), regular sand, coffee straws, milk pulls, masking tape, 1.5” and 5.5” wide paper signs, white glue, acrylic paints, clear plastic (from window envelopes).

1. Set up and plan

It’s a great idea to make more than one of most buildings and terrain to test variations and have extras. From one template wall, we made two 6” square buildings and finished one last week. Think and plan what businesses will be featured next, play with business names and signs, and lay everything out.

2. Textured basecoats

The front of the awning, doors and window “glass” should have no texture, just the base color. For the rest, mix glue and sand in with the first coats of paint. This will add realistic detail and texture to the walls.

3. Découpage

Trim a 5 ½” sign with scissors, paint the back of it with glue and glue it to the side of the building. Adjust placement carefully. Before it dries, paint more glue over the top. Regular school/white glue will dry clear. Press it snug with the building, allowing texture to poke through for a detailed look.

4. Drybrush & detail

Working dark to light, layer (drybrush) lighter colors over the sand-textured walls and edges. Use the hole in the bottom to access the inside of the windows, paint inside edges with glue and place clear plastic. Cut coffee straws to make downspouts in the back. Paint milk pulls black, glue to the roof and dry brush with silver. For doorknobs, cut small bits of round toothpicks and paint with brass.

5. Progress

Over the weeks we’ve built a city, one thing at a time. The stories and fun we can create are endless! Thank you for coming along for the ride.

For questions, tips and information (including the Happy Tree signs art featured here), please email with your feedback!

Business Briefs
A wave of reconstruction has followed the giant kraken attack of late last year. The Happy Tree Times, Toys-O-Rama and Grocery Mart have all re-opened in the new Apple Street buildings.
The Happy Tree Café, Super Duds Fashion and the Post Office in the Old Town buildings will be having an open house Friday from 11-1pm. Refreshments and live entertainment will be available. – Happy Tree Times

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