Idea 21: Police Department


Crafty Time

By Dave Pierik, Shelton-Mason County Journal

Happy Tree Justice

Happy Tree City is about to have a gothic-style multipurpose justice center including a police department with a court entrance and a corrections annex.

Tools: ruler & marker, scissors, compass, paintbrushes.

Materials: Corrugated and thin cardboard, school glue, masking tape, sand, a flat toothpick, acrylic paints, tin foil.

1. Start in 2-D

If working from a picture or drawing, don’t worry about being exact. Inspiration came from badges and mirrored patrol glasses this time. Mark, measure and cut corrugated cardboard. Base: 8” wide x 4” deep, front and back 4” wide x 5” tall, left and right 3” wide x 5” tall. Side buildings, add 3 sides each of 1 ½” wide x 4” tall.

2. Walls

Cut a 2” square entrance in the front wall, set the removed square aside. Align, adjust and glue the walls to the base. Add masking tape to hold in place until dry. Cut 3 strips of thin cardboard, 2” long x ½” deep and glue the 2” square back for the recessed entrance. Let dry.

3. Roof structure

Use thin cardboard and start with a base, 5” wide x 4” deep. For the horizontal roofline, cut a piece 5” wide x 5” deep and fold down the middle, so the sides are 5” wide x 2 ½” each, and tape to the base. For dormers, cut 2 pieces, 4” deep x 3” wide, folding in half. Hold against the other piece, mark the angle and cut, adjust to fit. Glue together.

4. Details and paint

Mark, measure, and cut thin cardboard for doors, windows and entry details. Glue on, let dry. Mix a bit of sand and glue with paint. Paint building sky blue with gold trim, black roof, grey base. Touch up, let dry. Cut flat toothpicks for door handles, paint in brass, let dry, and glue on. Cut and glue tin foil for windows.

5. Happy Tree Justice Center

Use a computer printer or fine tipped permanent black marker to add the POLICE DEPT. sign lettering above the central door, COURT to the left door, CORRECTIONS to the right door. Thank you first responders!

For questions, tips and information please email with your feedback. Visit the Journal office to see the display!

A Brighter Look
Happy Tree’s public safety buildings received fresh coats of paint last week.
“This is a welcome update. Everything went according to plan,” said Fire District #19 Chief Bernie Smokes. Happy Tree Police Chief Robby Cuffs said, “The dispatch office looks much crisper. I like it!”
Earlier this spring, Happy Tree City Councilwoman Agnes Chirpenquappy’s idea of painting the buildings purple and brown was voted down 5-2 in favor of the more traditional blue and red colors. “They could have matched,” she said, “But that’s okay.”
–The Happy Tree Times

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