Idea 37: Tile Roof House

Meet the mayor
Happy Tree’s newly-elected mayor, Hector Bright is also keeper of Kraken Watch Lighthouse. A longtime philanthropist and something of a local hero, Mayor Bright was sworn into office Monday. “I thank everyone for your support. Let’s keep making Happy Tree the best little town it can be,” he said outside the newly constructed mayor’s house Thursday.
–Happy Tree Times

Crafty Time

By Dave Pierik, Shelton-Mason County Journal

House with tile roof

Houses in Happy Tree Village have a range of colors, styles and sizes just like in real life. Let’s play with making one with a tile roof!

Tools: ruler, scissors, old butter knife, paint brushes – and patience. Optional: tweezers.

Materials: Cardboard, white glue, bamboo skewers, clear plastic, flat toothpicks, milk pull, adding machine spool, baking soda, paint.

Difficulty: moderate

Cost: less than $1 including paint and glue   Time: three to five hours or more of fun!

1. Measure

Measure and mark cardboard. Base: 5” square. Walls: two are 4” square, two are 4” x 4” to 5” peaks at center. Cut and glue together at edges, leaving ½” of extra space at base. Use masking tape to hold in place until dry. Measure and cut a piece of corrugated cardboard 5” wide x 6” long for the next step.

2. Texture

For roof texture, carefully peel a layer of corrugated cardboard away. Next, use an old butter knife to add “tile” divots approx. ¼” apart. When complete, you should have two pieces, each 5” wide x 3” tall. Thinking about how rainwater flows, the length of the textured ribs flow from the roof peak down.

3. Assemble

Cut a bamboo skewer to 5”. Cut small “V” shapes in the peak tips of the roof points and glue the bamboo skewer across. Run glue along the tops of the walls and along the bamboo skewer, and place the roof pieces on top. Dust baking soda over glue to seal raw edges. When dry, brush off excess.

4. Detail

Cut single-ply cardboard into ½” strips and fold in half for the corner trims, and ¼” strips along the 1 ¾” floor divider line. Cut ½” clear plastic windows. Cut flat toothpicks for window frames. Cut a milk pull for round shapes above the doors and the round window. Paint 2-3 coats including touch-ups.

5. Tile Roof House

Of all the houses that have ever been, this is certainly one of them.  Just add your choice of cars and figures, and the stories you can imagine almost write themselves!

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