Idea 14: Lighthouse


Crafty Time

By Dave Pierik, Shelton-Mason County Journal

A Lighthouse for Safety!

Happy Tree Village at the edge of Table’s Edge Sea needs our help to keep boaters safe from the deadly Great Chair Reefs. Duty calls so let’s make a lighthouse!

Tools: ruler & markers, scissors, paintbrush, and a sharp knife. Be careful with sharp tools.

Materials: Clean cardboard tube can, corrugated cardboard, thin cardboard, Styrofoam, flat toothpicks, clear plastic from a window envelope, large rubber band from grocery produce, masking tape, school glue, sand, a battery-powered tea light, plastic lids, acrylic paint.

1. Measure, mark & cut

For the base, measure and cut a clean, flat piece of corrugated cardboard, 6” square, then cut 1” angles from the corners. For the Styrofoam rocks base slot, cut a 3” round hole.  For the top lamp deck, measure and cut a 3” round corrugated cardboard platform.

2. Tapered tower & rocks

Leaving the bottom of the tube can intact, cut straight down opposite sides from the top and twist them in over each other, so the top is about as big around as the tea light. Mark the edges with a sharpie, glue and tape all the way down. Test-fit the can with the Styrofoam rocks slot. Adjust, glue and let dry.

3. Walkway & lamp deck

Use your fingers and/or a knife to shape and curve the Styrofoam rocks to the base. With a knife, cut a walkway from the edge to where the door will be. Level and adjust the top lamp deck, 3” corrugated cardboard circle, and glue down. Glue and tape craft sticks to the outside for the rail supports.

4. Doors, windows and paint

Glue clear and top lids to tea light. Cut thin card doors, glue on.  Add rubber band for the top rail. Paint all with glue, flock with sand, let dry. Prime in white, prime base in gray. Cut window frames, glue clear plastic to back, cut holes in tower side, glue on. Paint color, touch up. Test, check and adjust.

5. Happy Tree Lighthouse

This beacon will help sailors of the Table’s Edge Sea keep safe.

What would you like to see in an upcoming Crafty Time? Email with your input! Have you created anything crafty? If so, we’ll share it here if you like. See us for back issues too!

Kraken Watch Lighthouse has been rebuilt to protect boaters from the Great Chair Reefs, and keeper Hector Bright has his own parking spot now.

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