Idea 15: Welcome Sign / Walking Arch


Crafty Time

By Dave Pierik, Shelton-Mason County Journal

A Welcome Walkway!

Happy Tree Village needs a safe pedestrian highway crossing, and an entry sign. Easy peasy, we can do this!

Tools: ruler, compass & markers, scissors, paintbrushes.

Materials: Cardboard boxes, masking tape, school glue, sand, paper sign designs, and acrylic paint.

1. Half of a donut

Measure and cut a 2” wide corrugated cardboard ring with 4 ½” diameter hole. Cut in half.  Cut and fold thin cardboard for the steps, these are 1 ¼” wide, with ½“ deep steps. Adjust, glue and tape in place until dry.

2. Base and flock

Measure and cut a cardboard base about 1/8” wider and longer than the feet of the bridge. Glue and clamp down with masking tape. Use an old brush to paint glue along the stair edges. Drop sand on it to flock for strength and texture. Let dry then cut the middle of the base out with scissors.

3. Prime and prep

Start with darker colors first. Mix black, gray and some white paint with a bit of sand and glue and paint everything. While it dries, think about what signs you want, what size they will be and where to place them. 

4. Drybrush and detail

Using lighter colors, dust the raised textures of the model with brown, tan and white. Cut the signs out, paint glue on the backs and glue on. Paint glue over the top, then paint nail dots, rust and aging effects with a mix of brown, copper and orange. Add dirt and grass browns and greens to the base.

5. Welcome to Happy Tree

Now motorists will know where they are, and pedestrians can safely cross the highway.

For more tips and information (including the Happy Tree clubs art above), please email with your feedback! We welcome your feedback.

A welcome walkway
featuring club logos crosses Happy Tree Highway.

An oversized truck damaged it Thursday.

On the Agenda: Happy Tree Clubs
Just a few reminders for those of you who don’t already know:
The Yeti Order Lodge #24 meets Monday 10am at Cosmic Diner. There will be a pancake-eating contest fundraiser. The Hare Ladies Club #13 meets Tuesday Noon at the Lighthouse. President Tina Ferkenleuper has a special guest speaker scheduled to discuss seasonal décor color strategies.
Raccoon Commerce #213 meets Wednesday 9am at the Castle. Chairperson Nigel Hungermusk will discuss inventory coordination going into the holiday season. Owl Talks local “Moneybags” Club #3 will meet Thursday 12pm at Happy Tree Park (weather permitting) for a lighthearted debate contest, led by M.C. George Figartola, with light lunch to follow. The entry fee includes lunch, with a portion of the proceeds to go to the winner.
Deer Friends Happy Tree Club #A-16 will have their regular breakfast meeting on Friday 6am at the Cosmic Diner. The Scholarship Selection committee will present their winners.
Bug Club #0 meets Saturday 10pm at the Castle for B.Y.O.B. and Wild Hats night. Please note, last year’s winner, Billy “Disco Ball” Johansson is still recovering from a concussion and will not be defending his title. Dragons #1 Drag Race Club meets Tuesday 3pm at the Lighthouse. Sidney Streaks will host a workshop on affordable tire replacement strategies. Lenny Hugathora has the sign-up sheet for the annual knife-throwing contest. Ahoy Club #10 meets Thursday at Noon at Happy Tree Park. Skipper Hugh Watterson will teach a workshop on bowline knots, and cadet Lisa Miggins will be awarded her Captain’s Badge.
Crafty Time Conspirators #1 meets Mondays at 6pm at the Cosmic Diner. Please bring a newspaper for your work area and clean up before closing so Agnes does not have to.

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