Idea 26: Snow and lights

50.20.dp.Snow and Lights.Crafty Time

Crafty Time

By Dave Pierik, Shelton-Mason County Journal

December in Happy Tree

We’ve imagined ourselves in another time and place, and created it one building at a time. For fun, let’s play and celebrate with snow and lights!

Tools: none.

Materials: Fiber fill (pillow stuffing), LED lights string(s) with batteries if needed. Optional: Some tape. Cost: about $10-20 total

Time: about an hour total.

1. Let it snow

Fiberfill or a similar pillow/stuffed animal fill can be pulled and shaped as you wish. Cotton balls or similar materials also work for this. Pinch small pieces between finger and thumb, and pull it gently apart until it creates gentle drifts. Place strategically throughout your setup, imagining where the snow would fall.

2. Plow the roads

Imagine Happy Tree as a community, and how people would respond to the snow. After thinking about this, I chose to remove the snow from the roads, which would have been plowed and also driven on. I also cleared most of the sidewalks and doorway entries for most of the buildings, as people would do.

3. Add lighting

Small LED lights come in strings on twin, thin wires. The lights shown are battery-powered but LEDs use very little power. The wires twist nicely around the streetlights from Idea 10: A Park (June 25, 2020 Shelton-Mason County Journal). Add tape to the bottom of the lamp bases to help keep them from tipping, and twist and bend light wires around the entire setup. Add extra strings of lights if needed.

4. Test and adjust

Look close, but also stand back to adjust lights and snow placement. Interior lights for the church and castle can be done separately with battery-powered tea lights. Note that LED lights do not produce heat, and that’s a very good thing. These buildings are made of cardboard, so even though they are protected somewhat by a layer of paint, be careful not to use hot lights or candles.

5. Snow all aglow

Happy Tree village looks great in the dark now. Each building plays a part, and the snow and lights really tie it all together. 

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