Idea 32: Amphitheater


Crafty Time

By Dave Pierik, Shelton-Mason County Journal


This one came from a longing deep in my psyche, to be honest. I’m a cellist and I miss performing. Spaces like this naturally amplify music by reflecting sound waves out to the audience.

Tools: ruler, compass, scissors, craft knife, clothes pins, hole punch, paint brushes.

Materials: flat cardboard, Styrofoam, oatmeal container, masking tape, white glue, sand, paint.

Difficulty: medium

Cost: about $1-$3 including paint and glue   Time: two to four hours or more of fun!

1. Base

The base is 2 ¼” plus 3” (middle) and 2 ¼”, 7 ½” total width. Mark right triangles in the corners to come out 2”, allowing for 3” angles. With a compass, mark a half-circle out to 4 ¼” at the front edge. Trace three extra copies of this shape. Set one aside. Glue three of them together and clamp with clothes pins.

2. Walls

Mark and cut three 3” x 3” Styrofoam squares. Test fit, and miter the corners if desired. Glue to the base.

3. Roof

Glue the extra base template to the top. Cut the oatmeal container into two half-cylinders. Test fit, and trim to an angle, glue together. Test fit and cut a back piece from cardboard, and use the hole punch to add design elements. Cut the base template down, allowing about a ½” ledge along the front walls. Glue together.

4. Sand

Add beads of glue along edges and seams. Drop handfuls of sand on the wet glue and shake off the excess. Repeat, one side at a time. You can add detail in the wet glue/sand using the back of a paintbrush. Let dry, then paint the entire structure with a mix of 50% white glue to white paint. Let dry. You will need 2-3 coats of paint.

5. Amphitheater

Happy Tree village now has a nice stage for outdoor concerts! In an upcoming Crafty Time, we will continue this with seating. Have fun in your crafting adventures!

What would you like to see next in Crafty Time? Visit for more photos and project ideas.  Please email your photos and feedback to or call 360-426-4412. Visit our office to see the display!

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