Idea 33: Seating

Song contest starts
Happy Tree Amphitheater was abuzz Saturday afternoon as MC Devon Schmitt and performers from Plastic Cabbage rehearsed for Open Mic Nights song contest. The event begins Friday at 7pm and continues each week through the end of October. The winner receives free production of a music video by HTU students.
–Happy Tree Times


Crafty Time

By Dave Pierik, Shelton-Mason County Journal


Spectator seating is the final element of the amphitheater we made. Benches are easy to make, and versatile for many setups.

Tools: ruler, scissors, paint brushes.

Materials: craft sticks, white glue, paint. Optional: baking soda, figures.

Difficulty: easy

Cost: about $1-$3 including paint and glue   Time: two to four hours or more of fun!

1. Measure

Lay out a simple seating arrangement. Measure and cut three sets of 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” craft sticks. Safety first, be patient.

2. Supports

Test seating height of your figures. Two additional craft sticks of height are just right in this case. Cut the pieces square and glue to the ends. Let dry.

3. Paint

Coat evenly with a mix of glue, baking soda (to thicken and fill gaps) and white paint.

4. Figures

Painting your own figures is fun! Pick any colors you like. Use a wash of wetter, darker paint for the low spots and dab off the excess. Use lighter, drier paint for raised surfaces.

5. Seating

Benches are great for spectator seating. They are freestanding, so they can also be used for Happy Tree parks, bus stops and other areas. Until next time, keep crafting!

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