Idea 43: Happy Tree Transit Bus Stops

Happy Tree Transit Bus Stops
Next stop: No-Worries Lane & Art Getaway Avenue.

Crafty Time with Dave Idea 43: Bus Stops – Tutorial

Materials: clear plastic, flat plastic &/or cardboard, craft sticks, glue, masking tape and paint.

It’s a good idea to make a quick sketch of what you want to create, first.

1. Plan, measure, mark and cut. This bus is about 2” long, so each bus stop will need two clear sides 1 ¾” H x 1 ¼” deep, a back 1 ¾” H x 2” wide, a sidewalk base 3” wide x 2” deep and a roof 2” wide x 2” deep. Keep the fronts open to allow access for figures.

Holding parts for basecoats can get messy. Rubber gloves keep paint off your your fingers.

2. Pre-paint. Avoid getting paint on the clear pieces. Paint the sidewalk gray and white, the back in colors to match your buses and the roof. Use masking tape to paint straight lines. Paint a second coat also.

Using a brush for glue gives wonderful control. You might want to use disposable brushes, however.

3. Assemble. Once paint is dry, assemble by brushing glue along the edges. For benches, cut craft sticks or cardboard to 1 ½” long x ¼” wide, glue legs on and let dry, then paint the same color as the roof. Once dry, paint glue under leg edges and place carefully.

You don’t need to model every detail, just pick out a few highlights and focus on them.

4. Add details such garbage cans, newspaper racks, vending machines, shrubs and sculptures about 1/2”. Shown: color printouts are glued to material painted to match.


These bus stops integrate well with other buildings, figures and vehicles.

5. Enjoy! The Happy Tree Transit system now covers many destinations, with bus stops all over town!

See the display in at 3rd & Cota St. in Shelton, WA or visit for more crafty ideas to try at home!

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